AMG Funds

Market Outlook - 2017

Manager Perspectives

As we head into the New Year, AMG Funds' Affiliates and subadvisers share their perspectives on the investment landscape in 2017.

Market View: Fixed Income Heading into 2017

Ignacio Sosa, Director at DoubleLine, reviews major factors impacting the fixed income market along with where investors can find new opportunities.

Market View: Global Markets Heading into 2017

Scott Crawshaw, Portfolio Manager at Harding Loevner discusses recent impacts of the Trump election and considers global markets heading into 2017.

Outlook for 2017

Pictet’s Charles Price on AssetTV’s International Master Class

Charles Price of Pictet discusses their outlook for international markets in 2017, touching upon valuations of European equities, developing trends in Japan and considerations surrounding Brexit.

The Investment Landscape
in 2017

2017 Market Outlook

Market View: Dividend-paying Stocks in 2017

Henry Sanders, CFA, Portfolio Manager at River Road, discusses opportunities for dividend investing in light of current valuations and market trends.

Trilogy World Report: Is U.S. Optimism Warranted?

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